Caching Jericho – I am up for the Challenge …

The Queensland Outback Geocaching Muster had placed out a series of Challenge Geocaches involving finding caches within the Barcaldine Region to meet the following criteria:

There are around 350 caches hidden in the Barcaldine area and in order to meet the challenges, you need to to virtually find every one of those caches. This morning I had only found enough to qualify for 4 challenges. It was going to be a big day.

I headed to Jericho to finish off the power trail of 80 caches (all being different sizes). It took me just under 4 hours to complete this as it was starting to warm up.These finds gave me enough for all but the earthcache challenge.

It was then off to Alpha to grab the one earthcache I needed for that challenge. While in
Alpha I also grabbed a few other caches until it was time to head back toBarcaldine for the final Event for the week.With a 140km drive back and needing a shower before the 6pm Event, I figured leaving by 420pm would be around the right time.With no traffic, timings worked out perfectly, reaching the Final BBQ 5 minutes after it had started, even with throwing a load of washing in and having a shower.

It was a good night finishing off with a happy hour that lasted a few hours.Tomorrow I start the trek back to South Oz.

Diesel @ Barcaldine $1.559

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