Tick Big Red off the list …

This morning we checked out the Birdsville Visitor Centre, just a short walk from the caravan park. They had an interesting film on the people of the Diamantina.
We made sure that we were not too late for the Birdsville Bakery today grabbing a curried camel and satay chicken pie. I am not sure but the camel sure tasted like beef 🙂 .
It was then time to catch up with Frank and Helen and head out to Big Red to enjoy the sunset. Frank had been told that the road out to Big Red was rough and to be careful. Apart from a 100 metre section, this road was the best we have been on so far and even had a 5km sealed section in the middle.
Arriving at Big Red, I was somewhat underwhelmed. I was expecting a sand dune a lot bigger and higher. Even the track up didnt even look like it needed 4WD to get up. There were already a number of 4WD’s on top so we took some time to lower our tyre pressures to 20psi while they came down.
I headed up first to see what it would be like as Frank was not a huge 4WDer. The track was fairly firm apart from a bend near the top but overall it was an easy climb. I walked back to the track to talk Frank up but he had already started, unfortunately I could tell that he was in low range which would not get him past the soft section. As he reversed back, I got him on the radio and told him to use high range and use a bit of momentum. All good this time up.
As I returned to the car, it was a matter of dodging the 4WD’s coming up the western side of the dune and at some point I must have twisted my knee as I would find out in the morning.
There was plenty of action with 4WD’s making their way up the western slope but around 430pm they all disappeared and it looked like we were to have the dune to ourselves for sunset.
As we approached sunset, enjoying nibbles and beverages, two car came to join us but that was all.
The sunset was spectacular and we grabbed plenty of photos.
The drive back to town was in darkness and we called it a night once back in town.
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