Its a Long Reach …

Today was a travel day from Muttaburra to Longreach, a huge distance of 120 kilometres.
There was a strong southeasterly wind last night and it persisted through the morning so we held off leaving until 11am. 
Even by then there was still a strong breeze but it was abating just.
Just as we were leaving Muttaburra, I got a call from my brother Dale but missed it. I was wondering what had gone wrong at home.
Returning his call, it turns out that he had taken my nephew Angus geocaching and was wondering what he is looking for.
After sending some photos of the cache he was looking for we continued on our way.
Along the way, there was some issues with the van rear camera so we stopped to do some soldering work on the plugs with no luck. There must be another issue.
Getting back into service, Dale had send through some photos of the geocaches he and Angus had found in the Belair National Park. I wonder if they are now hooked.
Longreach was fairly quiet except at the Longreach Tourist Park where it was starting to fill up. It is a big park with 306 sites and ours was a large bit of ground.
It will be our home for the next 5 days.
There wasn’t much open today but we filled up the car and did a spot of shopping for supplies.
I had another go at getting the caravan rear camera wire fixed but after re-soldering all connections, it looks like the wire may have an issue.
Hopefully I can get some more wire at the hardware store tomorrow.
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