Back on Australian Soil

We were loaded onto our 747 flying machine at around 9:45 pm for a 10:30 pm departure but this didn’t happen as there were some baggage that couldn’t be identified off a Air Mexico flight so they had to unload baggage and reload it. We finally got away at 11:30 pm after sitting in an exetremely hot aircraft for all that time.

The flight was uneventful apart from some rough spots somewhere over the Pacific – it was just like being back at Disneyland.  I think the kids got more sleep as there wasn’t as much to play with in cattle. They also enjoyed the meals more as it was “normal” food.

The plane made up time arriving at 6:25 am (10 minutes after scheduled). It was then another 1.5 hours to get through Immigration and Customs then another line at the transit lounge evenutally getting to Gate 1 at 8:30 am for a 9:45 flight.

All to do now is a Gloria Jeans coffee and Krispy Kremes donuts. 🙂

Cattle Class on the way Home

Cattle Class on the way Home

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