Warm weather – here I come …

A last minute chance to stock up at the local supermarket as there isn’t too much up the Oodnadatta Track and I was on the road at 0930.
The route took me through the rolling green hills of the mid-north, before giving way to the Flinders Ranges with a lot drier and sparser vegetation.
There was plenty of road kill with kangaroos predominately to the south giving way to Bush Chooks (Emus) the further I travelled north. 
In fact, there seemed to be an over abundance of emus running around rather than kangaroos jumping around.
The Flinders Ranges were spectacular especially as the sun was getting lower in the sky.
Digs for the night was the Leigh Creek Caravan Park.
Diesel was $1.529 a litre at Burra (cheaper than Adelaide), $1.667 at Hawker and $1.729 at Leigh Creek.
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