Lets go Rallying …

First day for the Rally of the Heartland and wow was it cold. It must have gone below zero overnight as there was ice on the car. It was still only 1C when we got going at 0730.
The town was abuzz with the sounds of Rally cars and there first ones were away at 0800.
Provided all the cars behaved today, my Emergency Crews would have a quiet time and enjoy watching the cars perform.
All went well today with a couple of minor incidents but nothing that required attendance of the crews.
The BBQ Tea went off well but most of the crew were still full from the BBQ lunch they all attended at one of the Wind Farm stages 3 hours previous.
We finished off the night by standing by at one of the most remote locations of the rally for the night stages.
We set ourselves up with a campfire and watched the first run, occasionally getting covered in dust.
It was the dust that became the downfall as the second run was cancelled due to the dust not clearing between cars making visibility a safety issue.
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