Fields of Thunder …

Well Maralinga lived up to its name overnight of “Fields of Thunder”. That second wave of thunderstorms certainly hit us with a vengeance with lightning striking around the Village during the night and 4mm of rain falling (heavy at times).

The lightning didn’t bother me too much in the Taj and I laid back and watched the show. For those in swags that moved into the shed, it ended up being a wise decision and would have been somewhat exciting for those still out in it.

The amount of rain wasn’t a lot in terms of in the city but 4mm on the dirt roads around here particularly after they had only just been graded should make it interesting getting out today. There were a few puddles around the campsite and those with canvas were packing up wet. Glad I was in the Taj and packed up the awning last night.

After a cooked breakfast with the group, it was time to leave Maralinga and with Robin the guide waiting for us at the gate, a convoy moved out and started heading south on the bitumen.

The first section of dirt north of the railway line was re-markedly dry but it changed south of the railway on the freshly graded road. There was large puddles across the road and the red earth had been turned into slippery mud. It was slow going in this direction but at least there was no dust.

After making it to the Iluka Mine Road (bitumen), a quick visual around the Taj looked like I had picked up a bit of extra baggage in the way of red mud. I am sure it will drop off ?

The group had spread out a bit with some heading west to the Western Australian Border, some south to Fowlers Bay and myself heading east. I had a couple of days to get back to Home due to picking up an overtime shift on Saturday night. It should be doable even if it was slow going out from Maralinga to the Eyre Highway (close to 3.5 hours). At least it is all bitumen to home from here – well maybe ?

Apart from a stop at Penong to grab a new Geocache that had been published while at Maralinga, it was a matter of keep driving til I had enough. That enough today was at Wudinna (580 kms in total). With only a few caravans in the Gawler Ranges Motel & Caravan Park, I was given a couple of sites which made it a drive through for only $20.

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