It is getting cooler …

A few days ago it was 32C each day but as we move further south, the maximums are getting lower. We are now down to 28C and it is starting to feel cooler after getting used to the temps in the 30’s.

From Devils Marbles Hotel, it is a 400 kilometre drive down to Alice Springs and should take around 5 hours pulling the caravan.

It of course took a lot longer. We were on the road around 9am but didn’t arrive in Alice Springs until 430pm. About 90 kilometres to the north of Alice Springs, we found a geocaching power trail of 50 caches that had us stopping every 1.5 kilometres.

Arriving at the BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park well before sunset, it appeared that the online booking system has some problems as my booking went through OK but Garry and Deb’s didn’t. With a little bit of mucking around and we ended up with large drive through sites that adjoined each other.

Once set up, we settled into happy hour before heading into town to do some re-supplying for the next part of our journey.

It is definitely getting cooler as we all grabbed for jumpers tonight.

Tomorrow we will be taking it easy around Alice Springs.

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