Californian Adventure – Part 2 ….

They finally got the Grizzly River Run going so we joined the biggest line in the park as everyone wanted a ride before it broke down again (which it did after we had finished our ride) Bradley and Jenny got the wettest and Rachael and I remained relatively dry.

We then went to the Hollywood Pictures backlot and took in a few shows including an Animation Academy where you actually learn how to draw a cartoon character, a little musical piece with Mickey, Woody and Cinderella.

Next a full blown musical “Alladin” in this huge theatre where we were in the nose bleed seats which didint matter as we came face to face with Alladin and the Genie on their flying carpet.

In the Sunshine Plaza, they had the High School Musical piece where Rachael got to go up and be part of it.

They just packed up the HSM then the Pixar Parade came through. This put the Disneyland Parade to shame.

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