Still aboard the California Zephyr …

After a good nights sleep and gaining an hour as we moved into the Pacific time zone, it was time for breakfast. This time we were seated with a mother and son. The son was taking his mum on a short holiday to California from Colorado. He is living in Norway and spent 3 years in New Zealand so had an appreciation for Australia.
As we passed through the Sierra Nevada mountains, you could notice a big change from 3 weeks ago. There is now several feet of snow on the ground where there was none back then.
But as we passed through another tunnel, it was like someone had flicked a switch as the snow stopped and the rain started. There was fog, rain and autumn leaves.
Time for another meal (our last on the train ride). We sat with a bloke from Texas and a woman from Iowa. The Texan was doing a 5 day trip to Portland Oregon, staying for 2 days then 5 day trip back.
That was the end of the views for the rest of the train trip with constant drizzle out of the window but we did get into Martinez early. Joanna was at the station as soon as we walked out and we soon back in Benicia with a chance to have a shower after 2 days. Unfortunately although we had a shower in our cabin, there was no way you could take one without breaking or spraining something.
Joanna had prepared a great salmon dinner for us. One more day in the US before the big jump over the pond back to Australia.
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