Wheres Kenny …

Jenny’s body was definitely not up for another day of skiing, so we packed our backs and bid farewell to our hosts, Anna and Dustin and headed off a different direction to Denver.
The route we took was over the Continental Divide through Hoosier Pass and into Fairplay. Fairplay is supposedly the town that the TV show “South Park” is modeled on and they have a few things set up and names to commemorate that fact.
The drive took us through prairie, rolling hills, mountains and more snow which was a little more interesting that the interstate we took to Breckenridge.
After checking into our motel just north of Downtown Denver, there were still a couple of hours of daylight left so we headed up the road to Golden which is the home of Coors and of course the brewery tour and free samples. It is always interesting doing brewery tours especially the samples along the way and at the end. They limit you to 3 schooners at the end. That doesn’t mean a lot here as the beer has less alcohol than back in Oz.
Tonight was a leftover night for Dinner. Tomorrow is a big day as we will be searching for Dorothy and her three friends in Kansas.
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