November 12 of 12 …

It has been not quite a week since getting out of hospital after the “heart attack” and today I needed to go to a funeral of a motor racing identity, Peter Hall, who has driven his last race.

Of course, as I haven’t been driving, the car had a flat battery. Lucky this morning was sunny and the solar panels were soon connected and there was enough charge to get the motor going.

The turn out for the funeral was enormous, filling both chapels, the auditorium and outside. It was a fitting send off for an Aussie Legend.

Part of my rehabilitation involves a lot of exercise to get the heart ticking and the blood flowing. This afternoon, I took off to Belair National Park to grab some of the geocaches that involved a bit of walking near the Upper Waterfall and the old Fire Spotting Tower.

The beauty of this area is that you will always spot a koala or two and today was no exception as well as lizards but luckily no snakes.

Until next month …

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