Fresh snow – yay but ….

After a night of snowing, there was a fresh 8 cm on the ground but unfortunately we had drizzle to contend with to try and enjoy it.

The temperature was around zero and the drizzle was unrelenting which led to some very slow and grippy snow. There has been no grooming of the runs for a few days and it was very hard going.

After a couple of hours we retreated to Cloud 9 to try and dry off and hope that the drizzle would change to snow. The drizzle didn’t look like it was going to let up after an hour so we headed out again but only lasted about 3/4 of an hour.

By the time we got back to the Lodge, we were saturated right through and were very welcoming of a hot shower.

Rather than finding out whether the car would start tomorrow when we left, I had some time to walk down to the car park in sleet/snow and start it up, letting it run for about 15 minutes, which didn’t even get it warm. There was still snow sitting on it after last nights snowfall.

Only one more day left of this years trip, hopefully the weather will be kind to us so we can enjoy what we have been used to with Spring Skiing in the past, T-shirts and sunglasses. 🙂




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