September 12 of 12 …

Today was a average sort of day and for once I was ready for the 12 of 12 🙂

Usual ritual to start with a 7:35am wakeup and how many times did snooze get hit 😉

Called in on the postbox en-route to work (but it was empty) and negotiated a few back streets to get away from the traffic although I had to drop off the Nissan Patrol for its 80000km service at 85000km. I must be coming a familiar face at Unley Nissan as they asked me if I wanted a ride into work and I didn’t have to tell them where I worked.

After starting up the computer, down came the updates so 1/2 an hour later I could finally get some work done.

Around 11:00am the sky was starting to get darker and checking out the radar, there was some heavy rain on its way.

Since I didn’t have a car, an early lunch was in order so that I could still do my 2 km walk to the lunch shop without getting drowned. Managed to make it there and back with only a few drops of rain even with a holdup at the new Victoria Square redevelopment.

The rain held off until around 4:00pm and down it came. It was somewhat amusing to see the Deputy Chief as a drowned rat after walking back from a meeting. He had rang for me to pick him up but without a car it was not possible.

A ride to Unley Nissan had been organised but of course he forgot me so Plan B was put in place with one of the On Shift Commanders dropping me off. We only just got there in time as they were about to lock my car up for the night.

After the initial downpour at 4:00pm, a second and heavier one happened around 8:00pm with 21mm of rain falling for the day following the second front.

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