9/11 – 10 years on …

At this time, 10 years ago, I was chatting on the net to a Fire Chief, Billy Goldfeder in Ohio. He suddenly said that a plane had just hit the World Trade Centre in New York.

I said he must be joking but within a minute we had live feed on the TV. We continued chatting and then the second plane hit. How can this be happening.

Like most others, we remained glued to the TV overnight until I had to go on shift in Adelaide Fire Station.

That day was quiet for the city but we remained on station watching the coverage in between responses.

It was a surreal day. It brought back memories of our visit to the World Trade Centre. Everyone has a story of that day.

Our thoughts go out to the 343 firefighters that lost their lives 10 years ago – may we never forget ….

It was a day that changed everything …

The photos are our memories from the World Trade Centre in 1992.

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