Darwin here we come …

It was up earlier than normal this morning. We wanted to pack up and head down for one last soak before hitting the road to Darwin.

Once again, the thermal pool was almost empty but we did have a couple of the local wild pigs come down for a chew on the berries that abound around the edge of the pool.

Apparently, they have been around the pool since they were piglets so are reasonably tame, allowing people to pat them while they eat.

After an hour of soaking, we hit the road to Darwin. An uneventful drive had us arriving around 3:30pm and checking into the Darwin Discovery Park. We now know why we have not seen too many vans down south. They are all here in the caravan park.

Once set-up, it was a quick trip to stock up the fridge and pantry for the next week. There was even toilet paper in the supermarket here, amazing.

Jenny had organised to catch up with one of her softball buddies (Wendy and Neil) for tea at the Darwin Ski Club. Given that the credentials night on Thursday night will be a quick tick and flick event here, it was a good chance for a sit-down meal and watch the sunset (we just made it in time).

Even at 9:00pm it was still 27C. Beats the 4C at home.

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