A new Geocaching Power Trail for SA …

South Australia is starting to get a reputation for being the Geocaching Power Trail State of Australia. To keep the reputation going, I spent today out near Port Wakefield and Inkerman laying yet another Power Trail.

The series that I have put out is the “Premiers of South Australia“. Originally when doing the research, I thought. “how many could there be?”. Well there has been 45 in total since Parliament started in South Australia in 1856. Some like Thomas Playford were in for a long time (27 years) while others were only in for a few days such as John Baker. The early years of South Australia were obviously very tumultuous.

Rather than just a long line of geocaches, I hid them in the shape of South Australia and was lucky to find some roads that fit the shape well, just south east of Port Wakefield.

After spending a few hours hiding the caches, it was time to grab some of the caches that I have been passing by over the years due to lack of time. Most of these were along the coast and required a 4WD and some others didn’t but did require a lot of patience – a nano cache on a Leopard Tank. 🙁

Following the coast down, I traveled through Port Parham, Thompson Beach (couldn’t miss this one) finishing up at St Kilda on sunset. A good finish to the day. 🙂


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3 Responses to A new Geocaching Power Trail for SA …

  1. macmsue says:

    Your cache layout looks fantastic. If SA has heaps of Power Trails how do I find them?

  2. macmsue says:

    Thanks for that. Stupendous effort has gone into these.

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